AAA, its shape and range of colours, as well as the choice of materials stand out for the contrasts at play, which despite their differences act in true harmony to form a perfect whole.

Strictly geometrical yet highly ergonomic AAA supports the anatomy of the human hand. The ring’s inner radius is designed to achieve maximum wear comfort. Thus enhanced the arching ensures the ring feels light and loose and rests on the hand without restraint.

Shapes range from bi-concave to bi-convex, colours from black (absorbs all colours - convex) to white (reflects all colours- concave). The three variations are derived from changing the geometry in one view only. In their entirety they make up the whole. Every A is AAA and is part thereof.

Palladium and a concrete matrix developed for the purpose (UHPC - Ultra High Pressure Concrete) complement each other to create an aesthetic that is both graceful and contrasting. Noble & trivial, metallic, shiny, cool & fine, textured, warm. Palladium and concrete dispose of virtually the same coefficient of expansion which in combination with the UHPC’s compressive strength of approx. 200 megapascal enhances the product’s durability. Both materials are light in weight to create an almost ‘weightless’ comfortable fit. The authenticity of concrete and its intrinsic natural cloud patterns make every ring unique despite series production.