Four characteristic typologies structure the jewelry universe of ATELIER ALLURE, wherein neither the common product categories or types are most important, but rather the interplay of the materials, the design language, and the production methods themselves are decisive.

BLACK stands for classical fine jewelry, all of which are uniquely represented.
GREY PLUS places a stone in the center of the single work.
WHITE combines limited series with calibrated stones.
GREY PURE are limited edition jewelry pieces in pure precious metal.


In the same way that each gemstone is entirely unique, so too are these creations. No two pieces are alike and the stones take a leading role in a harmonious interplay directing and dominating the entire visible surface.
The precious metal steps back, elegantly in the background. It grasps the gem, holds onto it, becomes a matrix, form-giver and supporting element.

BLACK combines the highest craftsmanship, extreme precision, and precious material resulting in one of a kind, wearable artwork.



Here the single stone is always the lodestar in the firmament.
Form and metal hold it, pay homage to it, and tailor to its uniqueness in every possible respect. They place it perfectly in the scene, above polished reflecting surfaces that cast the finest light and bring out the optimum shine of the star.

GREY PLUS creations are distinguished by contemporary design language, some even with new experimental materials, and are each exclusively unique specimens.



These jewelry pieces are made with calibrated stones, that is precious stones of the same kind and the same cut, and spray the exhilaration of contemporary design language and the joy of experiment.
In the beginning there is the design idea, and in the forms emerging out of this design process the stones are set, ground, and framed.

WHITE creations reflect current trends and appear in limited editions and can be adapted in their proportions to the future wearer.



Jewelry sculptures completely devoted to the metals: these works share the aura of their respective metals through form alone.
The complex processing techniques, often developed in close collaboration with industrial and scientific research runs the gamut from shaping to surface finishing.

GREY PURE are strong, expressive individual creations that use a progressive design vocabulary and are offered in limited editions.