LE TOIT is formed from platinum and set with 58 tapered baguette cut diamonds. These flow ergonomically across the ring’s upper-side in four slanted, asymmetrical streaks of varying width. Each of the 58 stones is individually cut and faceted.

Some stones lie immediately adjacent; others are arranged between varying sections of platinum. Embedding the directly neighbouring gemstones requires utmost precision in both construction and stone-setting.

The external platinum surface is textured with opposing file strokes. The distinctiveness of a master goldsmith’s marks is comparable in uniqueness to a calligrapher’s brushstroke. The sturdy, rough feel of this surface creates an exciting contrast to the scratch-proof, gleaming diamond.

Just touching the finger, a slender vertical wall is set in the longitudinal axis. At the widest part of the curve, the ring hovers above the finger at a slight distance. This makes wearing it sublimely comfortable and – thanks to highly polished surfaces and an ‘à-jour’ – allows light to enter and be reflected onto the diamonds.